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** News Letter  **

Country Oak Village Newsletter

August 2011



The sardonyx and peridot are the birthstones for August.

The poppy and gladiolus are the flowers for the month of August

The month of August was named sextillus but was renamed after Julius Caesar’s grand- nephew Augustus
 and one day was added



There is only one resident birthday this month and that is:


 There is only one employee birthday this month and that is:

  Rae Zumwalt-----------------------1st

  Make sure you wish them a Happy Birthday


Resident Profile:

Bertie Mays

Bertie was born Bertie Powell, in a little town called Afton, Oklahoma. She had 3 daughters and 1 son. She has 7 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

          Bertie married Joseph Leslie Mays in 1941, and relocated to Buckner in 1945.

Bertie was a homemaker, and was very busy with hobbies and activities. She was involved in the Cub Scouts and the Campfire Girls for over 30 years. Bertie was a room mother for over 30 years, and was the president of the PTA for two or three years.

          She rode and showed horses and was the secretary and treasurer of the saddle club.

Bertie also enjoyed driving motorcycles and rode until she was in her late 50’s.

          Bertie is an accomplished painter and has many beautiful pictures displayed in her room; she also loved to sew and made all of her
          children’s clothes when they were younger and all her daughter’s prom dresses and wedding dresses.


  • Medical Moment

  •           I know that it is going to be extremely hot during the month and if you need to be out in the heat of the day drink lots of water and use
              sunscreen so you
    don’t get sunburned. Otherwise stay inside where it is cool. Only go out in the morning or evening after the sun has set.

              Current Conditions


  •  Employee Profile

  •         Teresa Bowman

              Teresa has been an employee at Country Oak Village since June 2010.

              Teresa was born in Kansas City, Ks., and is married to Terry Bowman and has three daughters, four grand- daughters,
               two grandsons, a cat named Penelope, and two dogs, a chocolate lab named Summer, and a weiner dog named Shelby.

               As a child from the age of 8 to 14 years old she and her one sister and two brothers would go to a relations farm in Dearborn
               Missouri for three to four weeks and help hoe tobacco for ten cents a row and when they were done they would go swimming
               in the pond

               Teresa likes to go boating, gardening, go to the casino’s, read, and watch movies. She likes bright colors like reds. She has been a
               Certified Nursing Assistant since1975 and a Certified Medication Assistant since 1977.


  • Administrator’s Corner

    I would like to thank everyone for being patient with all the changes since I took over in October. You have been wonderful and understanding about all the things that needed to be done and I want to let you know that not only the staff have been helpful, but you the residents and family have been very helpful with suggestions and ideas. I am looking forward to a long relationship with everyone, and my door is always open.
    Well, after 6 years in operation we finally cranked out our first newsletter. Yeah!! We wanted to highlight our wonderful residents and toot our horn about our staff as well as special activities at our facility. However, my intention for this particular column is to re-engage in writing on current subjects – some related to residential care but more on just life in general. When I was living aboard a boat with my family, circumnavigating the United States, I wrote a weekly article of our adventures entitled "Current Conditions." I later found that my email was forwarded on to many a recipient. (Twas the beginning of a blog before blogging was popular.) And although I’m busy like everyone else, I think it important to share from the "poop deck" of life. (Poop deck, by the way, is a nautical phrase for the raised aft portion of a sailing vessel in which the helmsman held an elevated position ideal for both navigation and observation. You may apply the phrase differently but I will leave that up to you.) Life can be difficult to "dead reckon" through. Sharing experiences, both good and bad, may prove beneficial to some and entertaining to others. Like so many of you, my approach the last couple of years have been on the leeward side of my objectives. And although I know not whether I’m one bit wiser, this I do know; my hope lies not in my abilities nor in those around me, but in my Lord. Is there any other way? Come join me once a month as we sail through the troubled waters called "life."

  •           Blessings,

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